The Microsoft 365 portfolio of cloud services increases and evolves month on month. Many Microsoft 365 cloud apps have functionality found in other similar apps so which do you choose? What happens if you choose the wrong apps after your users are already using them? Is Microsoft TeamsĀ® better than Microsoft SharePoint and should you use one over the other or both in harmony?

What is the difference between Teams and a Team Site? Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365, Video becomes Stream, Skype becomes Teams…Planner becomes Tasks! You will need guidance on which apps to use for what and when to be successful. Thee apps require mapping against business rationale to ensure that your strategy always evolves effortlessly.

We provide clear guidance and clarity from the outset so that you make the right decisions and sensible choices from the start on which 365 apps to use and when. One short workshop – and the real answers you need.