Effective adoption of Microsoft 365 with its wealth of leading cloud services means that your organisation can and will produce a huge amount of cloud-stored content. Securing your content can be critical to the longevity of your organisation. Allowing people to access content meant for a limited audience can produce real issues.

Many technical authorities advise creating flat structures in services such as SharePoint online. In doing so you need to have a plan regarding content audiences. You will need to understand what this means in terms of content security to ensure that business information is not seen by the wrong people. Once you have search services configured and are leveraging the power of services such as Delve you may again experience issues around exposing information to the wrong people.

None of this should be a problem if you are properly informed and have a clear strategy around approaching content placement for specific audiences. Consequently it is critically important that you have a full understanding of how and where each service stores content and who else can access it once it has been stored. By having this understanding you can then tape steps to configure Microsoft 365 in a way that works best for the content your organisation will generate so that you are confident security and confidentiality is maintained on a daily basis. Our Microsoft 365 strategy workshop will assist you in understanding how and where content is stored and we will illustrate this in a live Microsoft 365 environment during the workshop session.