When using the extensive range of Microsoft 365 services, workers can be highly productive in terms of digital content creation. This creates a big issue unless you have a strategy from the outset. Before you know it, people are generating and storing content in a wide variety of places, many of which you may not have planned for or in places that you do not have general visibility or control over. In other words, you can quickly have information and data sprawl via organic growth which is later difficult to manage and control.

With this in mind it is absolutely essential to have clear delineated rules regarding types of content and where they must be stored and in what format. By establishing the correct signposts and rules and then educating your people accordingly your governance of information will be far more effective, issues regarding information security will be much reduced as will data loss risks and your people will find it easier to work and to locate content they need.

If you are starting with Microsoft TeamsĀ® you will require a plan from day one as to what content should be stored where otherwise you will have very fast data sprawl which will prove extremely difficult to unpick down the line. Take it from us we have seen it too often. It is essential that you approach information control with a clear strategy that makes sense to your people and is one that you can scale overtime. Our strategy will help you control your organisational information in our Microsoft 365 strategy workshop.