If you are sorely tempted just to get on with things and see what happens you may get stung quickly. Building a strategy purely on current app functionality has been the ruin of many a CIO. For example, the domain name of our website is ‘Office 365 strategy’ but Microsoft recently changed the name from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 to take the focus away from the core apps of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. That’s why our domain ‘Microsoft 365 strategy’ now points at this website – easy evolution is critical. Similarly in Microsoft 365 Video was superseded by Streams and Planner has been re-badged¬† as Tasks. Therefore we emphasize that it is critical you have a business-orientated framework as your plan rather than a list of 365 apps.

It is because Microsoft 365 service suite is so very dynamic in its nature that you must have a business-orientated strategy that easily flexes as cloud apps come and go or evolve. By leveraging our ORCA© business services framework via our Microsoft 365 strategy workshop, you will have a framework reference of business needs as the plan. These needs then map against the Microsoft app suite which means that your strategy will never go out of date.