Our mission is to ensure you succeed with Microsoft 365
What we do..

Our mission is to ensure you succeed with Microsoft 365

Helping you with Microsoft 365 every step of the way
We specialize in Microsoft 365 strategy

Helping you with Microsoft 365 every step of the way

Who we are

Signarus, originally founded in 2010, is a highly specialist UK Microsoft partner, based south of London, with specific focus on ensuring all organisations have a business-aligned strategy for Microsoft Office 365 from day one. We fill the gap left by Microsoft and its technology partners who largely focus on technical app functionality.
Without having a mapped, business-aligned approach that will work year-in year out, your organisation will not have a plan when apps overlap, functionality evolves and adoption dries up. Remember, Microsoft 365 is not a configured solution, you will need to know what to deploy, why, when, how and in what sequence.  The recent MS adverts would lead you to believe that all you need is Teams when in fact there is way more to it than that.
Uniquely, we developed a highly effective business services framework for Microsoft 365 which originates back to 2006 in its principles, and which has today been proven with hundreds of organisations. Today, we remain the only organisation to have our Microsoft business services framework recognized by Gartner®.
Sure there are hundreds of Microsoft tech partners out there and plenty of solution providers and contractors with ideas about how things should be implemented, but specialists in driving Office 365 strategy, road maps, adoption and governance remain rare. That’s why we exist and it is what we do better than anyone else. 
  • Long term, proven, global specialists in Microsoft and Office 365 strategy
  • Unique business strategy framework suitable for organisations of every size
  • Unlike service partners, we do not use strategy to cross sell other services
What we do well
Its easy to think of Microsoft 365 strategy as unnecessary, wishy washy consulting or ‘money for old rope’ and that looking at some alternatives on offer that is probably true. Sadly, too many organisations quickly get themselves into a mess  with either no advice or the wrong advice when dealing with the complexities of Microsoft 365 – and there are plenty, trust us. You wouldn’t freestyle an implementation of SAP so why would you take the same risk with Microsoft 365?
You certainly do not need a 2 day strategy workshop as some offer, when you can be presented with a bomb-proof, proven strategic framework that can be covered in hours. That’s our approach and one we do very well indeed.
We have presented many hundreds of Microsoft strategy workshops to clients worldwide and we do it so well because our Microsoft 365 strategy workshop is uniquely powerful. It is built around our logical, business-services framework that simply stands head and shoulders above anything else in the marketplace today.
Why are we so confident? Because client after client has confirmed that our approach to Microsoft 365 is clear, logical, structured, concise, repeatable, business-orientated, ageless, jargon-free and extremely effective. In other words, our approach works all the time, every time.
  • Fifteen years of proven strategy delivery
  • Many major client successes and proof we were right
  • 30 years of industry experience
Why we excel

We excel at Microsoft 365 strategy for reasons that set us apart from traditional tech firms. We were very early adopters of the Microsoft stack, particularly SharePoint and were involved in some of the earliest international Microsoft case studies. Indeed our lead strategist taught one of the earliest formal Microsoft network courses in the UK back in 1993.
Our background is as Microsoft business clients so we bought the software for our own large business audiences. We understand the requirements for a business approach, business language, business-alignment and a strategy that will not change as tech evolves.
We developed an independent framework that we tested with consultants and clients worldwide across all sectors prior to the advent of Office 365. We then adjusted our approach to map against Microsoft cloud services. This approach has no parallel in any tech firm.
We also have years of formal tech teaching and presentation experience in the IT arena so we know how to convey important information quickly.
Most importantly of all, we have successfully strategized many organisations that have got themselves into a mess so we know that our approach works. For these and many other reasons, we believe we excel at what we do and what we offer. 
Perhaps most importantly of all, people like us and they trust us as we are here to help. For us, that is the most important thing of all. 
  • Extensive business and tech training experience over 30 years in IT
  • Unique strategic framework approach without industry parallel
  • Business-orientated alignment and approach to Microsoft 365 services
Microsoft 365 Strategic Success

We get straight to the point to ensure your Microsoft 365 strategy succeeds

Take the strategic approach to Microsoft 365
Leverage our expertise via our M365 strategy workshop

Take the strategic approach to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 requires a strategy you can reference time and again. A strategy that does not change as apps evolve; one that remains consistent with changes in business and IT personnel. An effective strategy should be business-aligned and allow clarity of purpose for each Microsoft 365 service to avoid chaotic sprawl and lack of governance so common in non-strategised M365 implementations.

Business priorities will drive early adoption but what then? You may start with Teams or Outlook or SharePoint but where do you go from there? Making the correct decisions at the outset will govern your success as you grow with Microsoft 365. Making the wrong decisions early on will ensure you hit a brick wall and adoption fail.

Each Microsoft 365 service has pros and cons and many overlap conceptually and functionally. Many services are not configured in advance or/and have a variety of configuration options. Knowing the decisions you will need to make up front and being informed will make all the difference in terms of success and speed of delivery and adoption.

Our original Microsoft 365 strategy workshops leverage our unique framework – ORCA©. The workshops run mornings or afternoons. You will be fully informed and feel the benefit in as little as three hours with a fully planned Microsoft 365 strategy.

Is one workshop enough? When presented in the right way definitely. We also include a deck for further reference.

Helping over 650 businesses worldwide with their Microsoft 365 strategy